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Oct 15, 2007
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Hello everybody! :) I hope everyone's holiday season is turning out wonderful. I was so busy... lets see... I had 25 people for dinner at my house Christmas day. We are going away tomorrow evening for New Years Eve. I finally made another batch of bath bombs. This time I added bannana pudding (smells like bannana bread) and used a larger sized muffin mold. I also used a round mold the size of a baseball. The problem is that when I lay the mold on the sheet to dry, it forms a flat spot from the pull of gravity. Any ideas how to remedy this flat spot? If there was a way to hang it in the air without marking them up, this would probably work out ok. I may have to be my own Santa this year and break down to get myself a digital camera so I can post some pics. My h just didn't get the hints (or didn't want to). :cry:
Oh well, he'll get the bill instead!! :wink:
I just turn mine a few times every few minutes until they harden up enough but someone might have an easier suggestion.

I've never heard of adding banana pudding. Won't that make it too sticky feeling because of the sugar? I don't know so just guessing. It does sound interesting and different. I like different.
I'm sorry that I wasn't very clear on what I used. It is a fo, not the real thing (I would be tempted to eat it instead!). My plan was to use the muffin mold with the fo. The 2 muffin molded ones cracked. The balls actually turned out very good. After a couple hours I ended up fitting them back inside the molds until morning. They turned out very well molded! Mine are rather heavy, too. I am wondering after another day or so if they will lighten up due to it drying out a bit more. I am going to make them again after a couple changes, and have my daughter post the pics. :)

Happy New Year to ALL!
LOL! I thought you added instant pudding to the bombs too & was *real* worried about them molding... tee hee!

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