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Dec 21, 2006
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I need to make a fudgesicle soap bar this weekend but do not have a brown colorant. Is there anything in my kitchen or at the grocery store I can use to turm clear M&P brown?

Food coloring just does not make a nice brown.
Yep, good 'ole Hershey's (or generic) cocoa is a great colorant in CP I know. I used to use black oxide, way too strong and discolored my soap while in the shower and a washcloth. I then started using the cocoa, me liked very much! :D

Paul.... :wink:
Yummy I love fudgesicles! I would go with cocoa. I tried some chocolate soap once. It was a disaster (way to hard and brittle and didnt smell well) But the color was awesome. I even molded it in a cocoa container. Looked great.
I have used melted chocolate (3 small squares per lb soap) and swirled it.
It turned out really pretty and looks GOOD on the ingredient list as well! :lol:

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