I made my first batch!! With cut pictures added.

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Sep 13, 2007
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I made my first batch of soap this weekend, thanks Faithy!! I used coconut milk for half of my liquid and fragrance oil at 5%. I used Oregon Trails "Brown Sugar" so it has a really light sugary scent! Thank you everyone for all of your help!

Paul, your mold rocks! My boyfriend knew I was pining for one so I got one for Christmas along with TONS of FO's! It's the 1 pounder! I love love love it!

As for the soap, it doesn't look so exciting, just a creamy brown color. I am sure you all have seen it before but I am proud of it and I just HAD to show someone!

I will update with cut pictures soon! Sorry the picture sucks.
Nice looking Mini Mold of soap there! I love it. I am happy you love the TOG Mold! Thanks! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear another comment from a happy customer like you! Your soap look fabo! 8)

Paul :wink:
that is very pretty :) I have been trying to find a reason to buy one of those teeny molds but honestly couldn't find one. But now I am thinking I could do special batches for ME in it ;) Being so small I wouldn't cringe too much using a teaspoon of Inky Blue (EXPENSIVe) German Chamomile in only a pound of soap ;)

I can't wait... Paul, any news on my super special cutter or have you been focusing on the top secret new super mold instead? ;)
Motherhues, the mold is great. It makes 5 perfect 1" bars! And it is so cute! When I opened it on Christmas my Daughter immediately wanted to use it as a barn for her mini horses! But I said "no way"!! This is MINE!!! Ha Ha!!
Here is a picture of it cut. It's very pretty actually.


And here is a REALLY bad picture of my third batch (2nd batch is not worth taking pictures of). This is the batch that didn't gel and it is a really nice creamy color.

Hey those bars look nice. I really like the "natural" colored soaps the best. Bet the smell wonderful.

Aren't Paul's molds just the best? I love mine and the little mini mold is too much fun. I keep coming up with experimental recipes just so I can use it again.
Thanks so much! Yeah I really like my mold! I may get another just because I always want to make another batch of soap immediately and I hat to wait! And I am just beginning and only making soap for myself so they are perfect!!
Thank you Sarah for the compliment on the mold! That is very kind of you! Your soaps do look so inviting; begging me to grab one up and head to the shower. Bigger molds are not always better molds. I really love that little guy. Every time I make one, a smile comes across my face thinking; whose home are you headed to little guy? :lol: Tomorrow, I'll be making a few more and you will come to my mind! Thanks!

Congrats! Lovely job! I can't relate to your excitement - I made my first about two weeks ago....now it's killing me to wait for the cure-time.
brian0523 said:
Congrats! Lovely job! I can't relate to your excitement - I made my first about two weeks ago....now it's killing me to wait for the cure-time.

congrats on your soap! it looks great and feels amazing when you get it right! i'm a beginner myself and am waiting on my first successful batches to cure too, sooo hard to wait! :)