I love your soaps!

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Black soap n candle lady

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Jul 21, 2008
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I just really enjoy this club. I'm new to it and to soaping. I can't get over how friendly everyone is here. I have seen some really goregous soaps on here. Do you ever trade soaps? I would love to try some!
This is a very newbie friendly place with a wealth of information. I've learned a lot, and I try to give back where I can. :)

I have to finish up a couple of swaps that I'm in on another forum, but after that, I would love to do a swap with you!
Welcome to the Forum!

There's a Soap & Craft or Craft & Soap? Swap section on the Forum. You might check that to see if there's a swap coming up.
I'm still fairly new to soaping as well! I'd love to set up a trade with you. It would be awesome to try someone else's soaps! I sent you a pm....
There are swaps a couple times a year here. You could always host one! :lol: :lol: Look in the swap section and you will see past swaps.

I have a couple of swaps to finish up on another forum, and then I may host one! :)