I kind of like this mistake, but is it stable?

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Nov 14, 2010
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I came up with a 'Cleopatra' soap last year after reading something about how she bathed in milk, honey, flowers and herbs to keep her skin looking youthful.
I made a batch of my 'Cleopatra' soap 3 weeks ago, but forgot that I use my lard recipe for this one since the FO tends to speed things up a bit. I discounted the water in my lye solution to include the heavy cream at light trace (as usual), and added the FO to my soft oils (as usual), added 1 teaspoon of honey PPO/ my lavender and rose petals to my heated oils (as usual).
When I added the lye water things sped up a bit, but nothing crazy. BUT when I added the heavy cream...oh my! I was chiseling the batter out of my soap bucket and smashing it into my log mold. Obviously, I didn't insulate this batch as it got hot in a hurry, and it wept for a couple of days before reabsorbing the liquid. I didn't have any hopes of this batch being for anything other than personal use. BTW, it didn't zap when I cut it 48 hours later.
But the more I look at it, the more I really like the rustic feel and the blobs of what I'm thinking are my hard oils/butters that solidified. They look like milk, which fits perfectly with the idea of my 'Cleopatra' soap! I've been using the soap on myself for the past week and I love it.
BUT...are those blobs stable?? I certainly don't want to sell a soap that's going to develop DOS in an untimely manner!
Any thoughts/opinions are much welcomed.

milk soap.jpg
Are the blobs oily? I'm thinking they are probably some of the batter that didn't get the cream mixed in. Probably stable but if you don't know for sure, I wouldn't sell them.
Have you tried mixing your cream in the oils before adding the lye solution? I used to add my extras at trace but found it easier to add everything to the oils.
Nope, the blobs aren't oily. They feel just like the rest of the soap.
But you're right - I don't know what this one will do, so it will be for 'personal use' only. I'll keep tracking it and if it's stable after 9-12 months, then I can certainly recreate the blobs :)

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