I got 117 USD for one soap!!!

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So, what about age? My DH is 9 years younger than me -- I was 39.9999 and he was 30.33333 when we married. So it's just a minor detail in my eyes, but you have me wondering with your cougar talk!
On second thought, maybe cougar wasn't the best word to use, coz I was referring more to my quickly advancing age, than his. I haven't been single for decades, so now that I am, being "on the prowl" and feelin' predatory is something I need to re-learn and it just feels strange (although quite refreshing!) being "allowed" to think that way again. :thumbup:

I reckon we might be about the same age, but maybe he's a few years younger, but not much. At a distance I would swear he looks no more than 30-35, he's very fit, but I reckon he's maybe around 45-ish?
So he's totally fair game! My guess is he'll be back around sooner than you think. Sounds like the kind of guy who might be in pursuit of a good shaving soap :wink: