How's Your Valentine's Day Going?

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Feb 6, 2008
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My kids got home from school today, with their little bags of cards and candy. I normally am the one who cares for them. But since my husband is laid off... :( he's been home helping me out. We detailed my father's work truck yesterday (9am-5pm) and I messed my back up again. Probably just severly sprained the muscles. I should know better (scoliosis) but once I get's hard to stop! :lol:
The kids came home with their goodies. I got a picture with two hand prints and a stem below them (making a flower) from Lil' Teddy. So sweet. A hug and an I love you, Mommy from Ramona. She may have made me something too. But I haven't fished through he giant bag of paper and wrappers yet. LOL And David decorated me a sugar cookie and angle food cake muffin! I ate the muffin, and am about to devour the cookie. We don't use sugar in our home. We use natural honey. So, when special days like this come along...I take advantage of them! LOL Teddy...the big one...let me sleep in this morning. Got the kids dressed and off to school. I got up when he left and surprised him with eggs, bisquits and gravy when he got home. Since our 3 children attend 3 different schools, none are next to eachother. :0P I had just enough time to pull it off! :lol:

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