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Jun 27, 2022
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Hi all,

I have been making small (500g) batches, whilst tweaking here and there. I have attached a couple of recipes to see what woulda / coulda / shoulda been tweaked.

The batches that I've made with the stearic + palmitic combined to about 30 - 31 have a 10 day shower life on a soap saver after a 4 week cure.

I know the longer the cure the better the outcome... so I am waiting to see what happens in a couple more weeks.

With that being said... I created a couple of recipes with a higher stearic + palmitic combo. I am thinking of adding sugar (for bubbles / lather) and possibly sodium lactate for a little bit more longevity if that even works... thoughts?

So... do you think that the recipe with the s+p combo of 31 will last longer (possibly last 3 or 4 weeks) after a longer cure?

And do you think that the higher s+p combo in the low to mid 40's will be a good bar?

I am thinking of trying a couple of different options for the water portion - frozen coffee cubes, frozen goat milk cubes, frozen rice water cubes.

Am I overthinking this and possibly making too hard of a bar that would require a belt sander to get create suds?



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