How can I color my soap?

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Jun 28, 2008
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..preferably by using kitchen ingredients or stuff in the garden maybe?

well you can use food coloring.

I have seen a supplier demostrate that.. its within these recipes you will find your answer about food coloring.

annatto powder its like a redish color

Good Luck :)
So far I've used tumeric, which comes up a lovely orange colour.

Also pink clay, which comes out peach coloured.

Green Tea infusion instead of just plain water and fruit teas which colour nice pastel tones.
thank you - lots of fun ahead!!

BTW, Cathy, I had already found your site and I think it is wonderful. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

If you have any suggestions about what other information I should be adding to my site, I'de love to hear it. Would be great to have other peoples perspectives and ideas. :D
Soap coloring

It may sound kinda weird but, I have mint and chives growing in My back yard. I usually use the mint and make a slight paste crushing the mint and some distilled water, this will not only give you a green tint to the soap but should also give you the smell as well. I have tried this with other projects and can not tell you what will exactly happen for soap making. But hey it may be worth the try.
anhoki said:
Cocoa powder is AWESOME!!! I love it.

Don't you find that it bleeds out? I was using it a lot, in the beginning, but I got so I couldn't stand that funky smells it leaves. The smell just dominates. Then, my soaps would bleed brown no matter how small of an amount I would use.