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May 13, 2008
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Can anyone suggest a 'scent' for hotel soaps? Bearing in mind that these are unisex.
Im looking for an economical soap recipe..any suggestions? Ive never done soaps for hotels before so this is new to me thats why i am asking for advice...i usually make for health shops giving it the rustic look....this is so different...
Everybody likes lavender. You could also do something with citrus and peppermint.
something like 'beach breeze' or something like that would be good too...something not too floral but not too musky, i like citrus :)
sea moss

I just made a batch with "Sea Moss" from Bramble Berry and the first thing my husband said was that it smelled like hotel soap.
i purchased "ocean" from wellington a while back. it's such a nice clean , light scent. i love the stuff. i put it in some smelly jellies, YUM! one is in my car, it's a small jelly jar with a daisy lid and the other i put in a very pretty dome jar for my desk.

i have a bit left and if you're interested, pm me your address and i will send you a sample.

My husband tends to frequent hotels due to his job...sigh....and he brings me back the little soaps and shampoos. The nicer ones have been scented with citrus, lemon verbena or cucumber.

Guess I'm a soap junkie if I even save commercial soap, huh!

What about a combination of some of these essential oils: Litsae cubeba or lemongrass, palmarosa, any citrus.

If you want to go with a fragrance you could try K&W Specialties in Ontario or their equivalent in the States, Sweet Cakes. They have fantastic scents that work really well in CP soapmaking.
I have a Fresh Linen FO that I using tonight in a batch. I think it is very fresh and very neutral in scent.

I travel a lot for my job that supports my habit:) and I have run across a lot of gross smelling soap. Half of which smelled nothing like what it was suppose to be.
I think a fresh scent, a linen type, ocean type, maybe a mint would have mass appeal. The last hotel we stayed at had soap that smelled like vanilla cookies w/ a dash of cinnamon & a dash of orange. Not very manly at all. I loved it though!

Does the hotel lend it's self to a theme?
Re: sea moss

opalgirl said:
I just made a batch with "Sea Moss" from Bramble Berry and the first thing my husband said was that it smelled like hotel soap.
My sister said the same thing about this scent!
MMS has a very nice "Juniper Breeze" that is really light & refreshing, & is unisex.... it's a Bath & Bodyworks "type"... smells just like it.

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