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Sep 6, 2007
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Olympia, Washington
Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, and I wanted to thank you for the responses that I got from you guys on my first post :) I'm from Olympia, Washington and I have been experimenting with soap making for the past 6 months. Today I went out and bought myself a hand blender. I have just been using a regular blender, but after using this hand blender, I don't know that I'll ever go back. Plus, I can make bigger batches at one time, as I found out tonight. It's great! This forum seems like a warm place with a lot of helpful and friendly people. Glad to be here!
Hi sweetpea! You know, sweetpea is one of my wife's favorite fragrances in soap and my creams! :wink: Good name for a soapier, like a fragrance oil. Howdy to you out in WA State. Boy, WA State has the most soapiers per capita of any state! Fact! I wonder why that is? I seems like at least 20% of all soapmakers I know are from WA! Hummmmmm.....
We are a fun-loving group here; in fact we expect it from our members! We are chatty, love our soapmaking with a passion, and just like talking B&B in general, with an encouraging word to our fellow TSMF member!
Our site Adm. Mandy is a dandy, and our Mod. Team are a great bunch of guys! Welcome aboard sweetpea, be chatting with you!

Paul.... :wink:

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