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Nov 21, 2022
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South Africa
We are having a rodeo in our town and I would like to create some special soaps for the occasion.
Any ideas what EO's I can combine to create a special "cowboy" scent?
Flavour oils are difficult to get hold of and I know very little about EO's, so any help or ideas will be appreciated.
I like 50/50 bergamot/cedarwood. I'd recommend blends with base notes of cedarwood and patchouli. Take a look at the recommendations and blog at EO Calc Blog Archives » EO Calc - Essential Oil Calculator . If you're new to essential oils, it can be overwhelming. You will not go wrong with any of the blends on this website.

Also, I refer to this site frequently, .

What a unique question! Keep us posted on what you decide!
Since I live out in the Wild Wild West where rodeos originated, I've socialised with real cowboys from time to time. Since they spend most of their time in the barn, in the corral, or out on the range, it makes me think of: Sagebrush, Horse, Leather (chaps, boots and saddle), dirt and suntanned skin. Stetson hats are common. My DH wore one, quite smartly (swoon).

That being said, I think Saddle Soap might sell well or Pine Tar Soap. Before soapers got their hands on it, Pine Tar was/is used for horses hooves. To me it smells like a smokey camp fire. If you go with that, use the Search feature in the top-right menu bar to learn more about making it.

Although I haven't tried it, this EO blend might be just the trick, a la @Zing's suggestion. NOTE: "Amyris" is the poor man's sandalwood. I'd probably sub an almond FO for the Bitter Almond synthetic.


HTH :computerbath:
Well, I have to throw my hat into this ring for nothing other than local pride... in a galaxy far far away from the Wild Wild West... out here on the Expensive East (my humble little armpit of the universe) can lay claim to one of the longest continuously running rodeos in the lower 48.
I never rode at cowtown myself, but have a lot of friends who have. And in my travels to the proper west, I'm amazed how many of those on the circuit put cowtown on their list. Its a darn good rodeo, and hilarious to see little ol NJ put on its Saturday night duds.

To the topic of scent however... as a sniffer of actual cowboys 🤭 I absolutely defer to Zany, and it sounds delightful!

Trust me, you do NOT want the NJ version of Cowboy 🤣

@Blue1969 Please do let us know how it comes out in the end!
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If you wanted to make an expensive luxury cowboy sent I was thinking of this coffee essential oil but it's really expensive I really want to try it one of these days! Suds N' Sents has it. Or you could just make your own kind of coffee soap the way you like it coffee and cowboys sounds like they go good to gether to me!
I don't know if it's not showing up for you but suds n sents has (coffee essential oil roasted) is what it's called and it's 77 bucks for 100 ml. Im in Canada

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