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Mar 11, 2008
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Hi everyone!

I am Laurie and am new to the soapmaking process but am enjoying it so far. I have made shampoo bars and goat milk soap. Both have been with the crockpot method. The goat milk soap turn out very brown, but have been reading on how to rectify that. Also reading on the RTCP method. That sounds very interesting and I might just have to try that on my next batch. Have to get a scale since I can't seem to find my digital scale I had....the dogs must have eaten it or something. Any reccommendations on a scale that doesn't cost too much money? Looking for some good GM recipes. I have read a ton of them but it is so hard to pick one that you know nothing about. My mom loves the scent oatmeal, milk & honey so that is the next soap scent I have to make!

I love all of the activity on this forum. I have found others but this one seems pretty active!

Laurie :D

Do you think your fragrance was the acuse of the brown color? You know vanilla content in fragrance will do it everytime!
I think it was the goats milk that caused it to be brown. It was brown when I put it in the lye.