Hello From WA state! :)

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Jul 28, 2007
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Hello All!

Very glad to have gotten invited on MySpace to join this forum! Didn't know you folks were here. :)

Thanks for letting me tag along and it's awesome to be in such great company!!


Where are you in WA? I have spent time in Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma & Renton.

I really like Olympia!
Hi Tabitha!

I'm in Bremerton. Used to commute to Seattle to work but let go of that recently...four hours a day commuting just got to be too much. :)

Working from home at the moment.

Nice to meet you! :D
Welcome to SMF! We are glad you found your way into our forum! We love talking about HP, CP M&P, B&B,....let's see any other initials guys?! LOL I know a lot of soapers from the Wa State area. Welcome! :D

Paul.... :wink:
FitMommyOf2 said:
Welcome, Divinity Gardens! :D
Looking forward to get to know you better! We're a friendly bunch of soapers/B&Bers/candlemakers, so please don't hesitate and jump right in! We won't bite! :lol:

What she said! LOl

Paul.... :wink:

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