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Nov 28, 2007
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My desire in soap started because I could not find an old fashion lye soap to treat my poison Ivy. After a couple years of searching I began to research soap making for myself. I’ve been making soap now for a few months working on batch #7. I keep a soap journal so I can improve with each batch. My back ground is in water chemistry and electronics, seemingly dissimilar but actually a lot alike; both have helped in soap making. After making a few batches of poison Ivy soap I made some really nice soap for my wife, she loved it and I was hooked. I find her soap works very well for me also, even as a shampoo.
Finding this place where people of a like passion can gather and exchange ideas and experiences is a true blessing. My first passion is God’s word and working to spread the gospel of Jesus, He (Jesus) is the only hope for this world.

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