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Oct 17, 2007
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Carmangay, Alberta, Canada
Hi there,

I'm just new to this forum and thought I'd say hi! I'm from rural southern Alberta and have been making 'stuff' since I was pregnant with my second child last year (belly butters, of course!) I really became concerned with the nasty chemicals in everything these days when my daughter got a terrible diaper rash that was made ten times worse with zinc oxide creams and so I decided to start experimenting on my kids (that doesn't sound very good! :wink: ) with natural bum balms and such. I started making soaps this spring and I'm totally addicted now! I am going in my first craft sale in 4 weeks, so I'm busy getting organized and making more goodies. I'm also pregnant with baby #3, so I'm trying to make things that I can still use while pregnant (no nasty EOs or chemicals or anything like that).

Hope that's not too long of an intro...like I said I'm just new to this posting thing...

Kelly McLeod
McLeod Naturals