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Feb 11, 2008
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I made a CP soap using a "summer berry" herbal tea. I used 3 teabags in 8 oz of water to make the lye/water the pretty red color turned brown)and then added the content of 1 bag at trace along with red liquid soap dye. The soap turned out pretty but has just a faint scent to it. Does anybody have any experience with handmilled soap? If I would use the herbal tea instead of water to melt the grated soap would it stay red or go brown again? Does milled soap take on scents better? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

when I rebatch, I do it in large quantities in the crock pot with all of my scrap. i have to get it hot enough to melt down the soap so any eo I add would evaporate. I try to make that soap what I add my extra oils and additives.
most teas are going to make your soaps some shade of brown, in cp soaps. and result in hardly if any fragrance.

if you rebatch/handmill you shouldn't need to add to much extra liquid to it if it is fresh soap.

you add the fragrance/eo after it is all melted and cooled ever so slightly so you should not lose any scent. that is one of the main reason some soapers just rebatch so they use less frag/eo to acheive a scent. this way the lye doesn't effect it in anyway.


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