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Feb 15, 2024
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I've been soaping for about a week and have made three batches so far. I can tell I'm gonna be in so deep with this whole thing ...

My avatar is my first batch ever. I don't care that it's got a bubble and maybe (probably?) soda ash (my eye isn't that refined yet)-- I'm just so pleased to have made some soap. Right now I'm playing with the basics: different oils, different soaping temperatures, trying to figure out how to control trace. Did my first fragrance one this morning. Can't wait to get started with colorants too. Nice to meet you all. :)
Thank you! I'm definitely far on the side of moisturizing & superfatting rather than cleansing, so I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being more of skincare bar than much of a cleaner. That might have helped with smoothness. But! It is technically soap! And thank you!
Just remember that all soap cleans, so even if it looks like a low cleansing bar, it will still do the job. Higher cleansing just means it will strip more oils.
That's exactly why I've chosen conditioning. My old self cannot tolerate any stripping. :)

Very nice soap - and welcome!
Thank you so much! Super glad to be here, thanks for sharing photos of the soaps you make.