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Neither but I do use Almond milk in my protein drink every morning

Would you rather do laundry or wash dishes
Definitely do laundry, it gives me satisfaction to fold and put away a pile of clean clothes. I’ve always hated washing dishes. Dishes just get dirty again!

For my fellow soapers caught in this huge winter storm covering much of the US, would you rather be snowed in or have cold rain?
I don't like marshmallows. About the only food I don't like! I would pick the s'mores but would probably eat the graham crackers & chocolate, and leave the marshmallow behind.

Speaking of chocolate, would you rather eat milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Neither. I don't drink coffee. Also I don't think we have half and half in Australia :D

Would you rather listen to music or watch television?
I'm Deaf and already do/have both things lol

If I could get rid of this tinnitus, I'd be happy as you would be swimming with the Dolphins :nodding:

I grew up with Captions and very little sound. Now I am profoundly deaf and rely on those captions/subtitles. Hubby who is hearing couldn't stand the captions when we were dating and newly married. He now leaves them on the tv cuz he is used to them :)
Same here.
A shower - unless it’s the end of the day and I’m tired, cold, and achy. Then all I want is a long, hot soak in a VERY clean bathtub! (A cup of tea or a glass of wine is a bonus)

Would you rather make a tried and true soap, or create a new-to-you recipe?