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I cant for the life of my take my own measurements.. does anyone know how to do this? Or am I going to have to go to a gym and have them do it for me.. :roll:
It is a lot easier if you have someone do it for you. The measurements tend to be more accurate as well. I wish I was closer, I would do it for you! :)
Tab... who is Brad?

I think I am going to get them done at school.. before my kickboxing class
Oh **** .. i cant have him touch me.. I think I may pass out or something LOL

Or too embarassed of my measurements :cry:
OK Shannan, are you holding out on me? You have a Brad Pitt look-a-like boyfriend? Where is this picture? The real Brad Pitt went to school in Springfield, I went to school in Bolivar, 30 miles away. I debated him at a tournament our senior year, and beat him by golly. He was not much of a debtor, but he had my looks beat all to hell! :lol: But he married Angelina, and has millions; I make soap and soap molds. Oh the injustice in this world!!! :cry: :cry:

Just a cute police officer! LOL

I am going to get a pic of him when he returns back to work after his vacation

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