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Jul 22, 2019
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To carry over from your Introduction:

"I honestly do appreciate the negative critique."

I'm not trying to be 'negative', I'm simply looking at both sides...Pros and Cons. I used to belong to the Jaycees/'s a civic/community organization that was once very popular in the US. Before you could run any project, program or event, you had to write up a Chairman's Planning Guide. In my considered opinion and experience, it is far better than any Business Plan out there simply because of Step 5, which required you to "Describe the potential problems and the possible solutions to successfully complete this project."

"bulking agents like calcium carbonate to increase volume for materials profit"

No. Absolutely not. The biggest reason why I started making soap and I think that the majority of folks here will agree is also their reason, is because we are trying to get away from this kind of stuff. I'm okay with adding stuff to make it "better"...a little Clay, some Tussah Silk or Colloidal Oatmeal. Maybe a little something to make it more bubbly like honey, sugar or sorbitol, or a little more creamy like milk powders, or a little something that guards again DOS or rancidity because people don't always treat their soap well or store it well.

But to add a "filler" to something that is already cheap to produce so you can use less soap to make more money...that is just wrong. I understand the dire economic need, but poor folks are just as deserving of a quality product as anyone else. I know what it's like to be poor...I've been homeless, I've gone several days without food, I volunteered at a donation center. I've experienced first hand the crap that people give to the "poor" that I wouldn't wear to clean out my garage much less wear in public, broken down furniture, some of the grossest food someone ever put in a can and three years out of date! So understand why I am so deeply offended with your statement. I get paid on the 5th...if you have a PayPal account I will be happy to donate a $100 to purchase whatever oil is available.
I don’t like the idea of making homemade soap as cheap as possible and then selling it. It’s not hard to find cheap bars of soap! If I’m paying for homemade soap it better be the good stuff.

I mean, nobody can force you to make the best soap you can… but don’t expect community support for grifting the pool of customers soapmakers rely on. (If I gave someone their first bar of homemade soap and they didn’t get the hype, I bet they’d stick to whatever they were using before.)
Original thread: Introduction

I wouldn't be opposed to a small amount of potassium carbonate as a bulking agent, but I'm not so keen on calcium carbonate.
The quantity would need to be fairly small to avoid texture issues, and would impact the bubbles.

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