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Mar 12, 2015
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tenby West wales
As above

I never got HP swirls like that- mine always look like drifty clouds. Did you use a hanger tool?
Girls thank you so much - it's nothing compared to what I see on here but sincere thanks. I just love doing it. It's taken me six months to try - it's just such a lovely craft - not easy but really rewarding and practical.
You made the pretty, smooth sheep HP's a while ago, didn't you? I think you are just good making HP look good :) There is someone else on here who is as well, I am having a brain fart, I can only remember her first name, Jane, I think (?) , I just remember she used one of the Soap Hutch molds, always w/HP, and it was beautiful, smooth and swirly. Also Sonya's HP rescue was amazingly nice. It does seem to be hard to do, though, so good for those of you are are.

I'm sure there are others, too, I have just forgotten, I am bad that way.
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Not ally thank you for your lovely comments. Here is my mansoap it's smells divine of cedarwood cinnamon and old barber shop old spice