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Nov 8, 2019
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Hi all. I am embarking on my first attempt at soap making and after a lot of research I have just about got my recipe sorted out and was planning to give it a go this weekend, but I want to use cucumber and aloe vera (fresh) instead of my water.

What is a recommended percentage of Aloe Vera to use? Would 50% be too much? Is it best to add it at trace or with the cucumber?

Could I use pureed cucumber instead of the other 50% and add the lye to that... or would it burn?

If I added some fresh mint leaves and maybe matcha tea or the only essential oils I can get hold of - Tea tree and Eucalyptus - how much is recommended percentage wise? a few drops/teaspoons or a large dollop?

I have a crockpot, so I'm not sure it'd be better doing it CP or HP...

My current recipe is as follows. I live in Tenerife, so the availability of fats is limited. The fats I have included are the only ones I have access to. The only other one I can get hold of is lard (manteca), but my daughter is a vegetarian, so she doesn't want me to use that.

Soap Recipe

1 Avocado Oil 10%
2 Sunflower Oil 10%
3 Beeswax 1%
4 Olive Oil 44%
5 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 35%
6 38% water, 5% superfat


Hardness 39
Cleansing 23
Conditioning 56
Bubbly 23
Creamy 15
Iodine 63
INS 154

Fatty Acids

Lauric 17
Myristic 7
Palmitic 12
Stearic 3
Ricinoleic 0
Oleic 41
Linoleic 14
Linolenic 1


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Nov 16, 2018
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Hamilton, New Zealand
Hi Kirsty - I just found this post. So sorry that you didn't get a response until now. Did you make the soap? Do you have any more questions? Can you get any palm or other hard oils over there if you are not using lard?