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Discussion in 'Recipe Feedback' started by KirstyJay, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:23 AM.

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    Hi all. I am embarking on my first attempt at soap making and after a lot of research I have just about got my recipe sorted out and was planning to give it a go this weekend, but I want to use cucumber and aloe vera (fresh) instead of my water.

    What is a recommended percentage of Aloe Vera to use? Would 50% be too much? Is it best to add it at trace or with the cucumber?

    Could I use pureed cucumber instead of the other 50% and add the lye to that... or would it burn?

    If I added some fresh mint leaves and maybe matcha tea or the only essential oils I can get hold of - Tea tree and Eucalyptus - how much is recommended percentage wise? a few drops/teaspoons or a large dollop?

    I have a crockpot, so I'm not sure it'd be better doing it CP or HP...

    My current recipe is as follows. I live in Tenerife, so the availability of fats is limited. The fats I have included are the only ones I have access to. The only other one I can get hold of is lard (manteca), but my daughter is a vegetarian, so she doesn't want me to use that.

    Soap Recipe

    1 Avocado Oil 10%
    2 Sunflower Oil 10%
    3 Beeswax 1%
    4 Olive Oil 44%
    5 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 35%
    6 38% water, 5% superfat


    Hardness 39
    Cleansing 23
    Conditioning 56
    Bubbly 23
    Creamy 15
    Iodine 63
    INS 154

    Fatty Acids

    Lauric 17
    Myristic 7
    Palmitic 12
    Stearic 3
    Ricinoleic 0
    Oleic 41
    Linoleic 14
    Linolenic 1

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