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Nov 1, 2020
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New Hampshire
Hi all! I had a two day event last weekend, it was a little chilly but didn’t rain (yay). This is my third year selling at events and I had a great weekend despite the fact that about every other vendor was selling soap. I had many repeat customers, which made my heart sing. My favorites were a mother and adult daughter who uses a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy (I think) - they returned for my lavender lotion. They wanted six bottles, I only had three available on Saturday but they returned on Sunday and bought four more (I know, actually seven). The daughter and I caught each others’ eye from across the venue and we both smiled and waved. The mother said that the daughter doesn’t like when her aides put lotion on her hands but she likes my lotion. 🥰 Lotion isn’t a huge seller for me, I mostly have it to have a variety of products, so I was pretty delighted.
I also had a woman buy twelve shampoo bars - she had purchased it before and wanted to buy it for everyone at a family gathering. 😍
Btw both the shampoo bars and lotion recipes are from Sandra Labossiere at DIY, I really like her recipes. Unsolicited plug of course.