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Dec 12, 2007
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Hi all - Made my first cp batch Thursday night, went well minus an orange color on the bottom and side from using a red silicone mold!
Here are some pictures, at least if I can get them to show up!

I actually tried a swirl, I'll have it mastered after another 120 batches!

Orange from the red silicone - goes with the purple, but looked funny on the bottom and sides of the soap

Volcano project sitting there, so I took a picture.
Soap has Shea and lavender eo.
hahahhahaahaha I thought the volcano was soap too! I was impressed for a second! You made great looking swirls in your soap. Be Proud!!
Yeah, the volcano would be cool as soap, but I'd have to have Paul make me a custom soap dish! :lol:
bubblesink - You'll make some! I have been reading books, online and esp this forum for about two weeks and then did it! It wasn't hard, just a little nerve racking working with the Lye for the first time! Just follow all of the excellent advice on this forum and you'll be fine!
It is cold here in Iowa, so I mixed the Lye on the stove top (in a stainless steel bowl) with the fan on, well it was not quite enough lol. The wife said outside from now on! lol
Light purple... I separated about 1/4th of the batch after it was all mixed and added a what little I had left of "Violet Pearl" Mica from Brambleberry that my mother-in-law gave me when she started me on M & P. It said it was for M&P, but that was all I had lol. Looks good. Wonder if it will change after it cures?

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