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Dec 21, 2006
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I know it's early, but I also know how fall sneaks up on us then you blink & it's new years :shock: . What scents are you thinking of adding for fall?

I always add mac apple from bittercreek n. but am undecided about the rest. Maybe a blackberry sage or black raspberry vanilla.

Anyone know of a supplier for sweet cinnamon pumpkin that is skin safe?
OK, no one ready for fall yet? I am adding Lemon Meringue & Cinnamon frosting both are tutti dolce dupes from WSP & are TO DIE FOR!
I haven't started thinking about fall yet - although it's almost getting to be that time. It's amazing how fast the seasons are flying by.

Cinnamon frosting sound yummy. That's probably one I'll have to try.
It's already selling well for me as is the Chocolate Fondue, both from WSP & both a tutti dolce dupe.
Wow Chocolate Fondue, I am looking for a good chocolate too....

I am going to have

Pumpkin Pie (Spice)
Peppermint (Candy Cane)
Cranberry Spice
Something with Vanilla
Something With Chocolate

I will keep adding.. we will see
Irish Coffee?
Where do you get that particular fragrance from.. I would love to try it
I'm going to try:
Winter Candy Apple (BBW)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Vanilla Passion
Sweet Orange Patchouli
Ocean Bay
Pink Sugar

I'm going to make sets out of each scent like coordinating soap, lotion, lotion bar, lip balm (certain flavor oils of course), soap sack, and candles.
Here are some i've got in my list of things to try this fall:

Almond (maybe mixed with something else?)
Beeswax and honey
Bergamot and coriander
Lavender and vanilla
Orange and clove
Where do you find this: Winter Candy Apple (BBW) ?

Sounds to die for!
Mill Creek, for one!

Here is their scent description:

Winter Candy Apple BBW Type--Amazing scent highlighted with fresh sweet/tart apple notes interact with cool base notes of fresh ozone and sweetened pineapple wrapped in a warm vanilla musk base. Body Safe. FP212

Paul.... :wink:
I love the smell & taste of eggnog, but the word itself grosses me out...

I would like to make some but I think I would have to call something else.
Brown sugar and chestnuts
any apple scents
Warm orange gingerbread from tennessee
CPSoaper said:
Brown sugar and chestnuts
any apple scents
Warm orange gingerbread from tennessee

Where do you get the "orange gingerbread from tennessee" from?

That sounds nice...