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My granddaughter (she's 11) wants to learn how to make candles. What is an easy recipe or process i can use to teach her?
i haven't made candles, but if you have a michaels craft store by you they have everything you need to make them and even books.
I've been making candles for years and if I had to start over I would definitely use a candle making kit from a refutable candle supplier. Buying supplies from craft stores like Michaels you will end up spending a boat load of money and still not have quality wicks, fragrance, wax, etc that you would from a good candle supply store. Plus-- they don't always mark the wax so you know what it is. It may say simply pillar or container on it. Thats crap as far as I am concerned.

I know Peaks candle supply has wonderful kits. I've purchaed supplies from them a lot and know they have quality products. There are many other candle suppliers to choose from if you just google candle supplies. What I like about Peaks is you can select either a parrafin or soy kit. You can also select a kit for making container candles, votives, pillars, etc.

You will have more fun with a proper kit plus a much better quality candle.
I am considering giving candles a try and I really appreciate that information Candybee!!
Candle Recipes


Try considering the following ingredients:

•Paraffin wax
•White Beeswax
•Pyramid mold
•Watermelon fragrance oil
•Black/Gray concentrated liquid dye
•Red/pink concentrated liquid dye
•Hunter green concentrated liquid dye
•24-ply flat braid wick
•Mold sealer
•Cookie sheet

Hope that helps...Good Luck!