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Apr 24, 2008
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Hi...I'm just new to this site and I'd like to introduce myself! :)
My names jojie, im from sweden and im 22 years old.
I'm currently on my first term at the International Academy of Film and Television [] .
I initially took journalism in college but got frustrated with sitting in class doing exercises after exercises.
I wanted to create something tangible and substantial. One Google search led me to IAFT and the rest is history. Now im in the process of editing my own film.
A film that I wrote, I directed, and produced. I'd like to meet people in this forum make friends and share ideas on certain issues. Hope you'll welcome me here. :roll:
Hey doublemoon! How are you doing!? not sure if you think this is a "soap opera" forum, just out of curiosity because you were talking about film and such :) That sounds like a cool profession to get into!!

We are a happy soapmaking (the kind you use in the shower) community, welcome to the forum! look forward to chatting with yoU!


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