Dolphin saves stranded whales

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That was a really cool report. We should try give hope to others like that dolphin did to those two whales. 8) Animals can teach us humans a lot. Great report, thanks Tab.

did either of you by chance watch that special on animal planet...or discovery channel about the group of lifeguards that were swimming across a bay in New Zealand...apparently being stalked by a Great White... they didnt know it, they thought the dolphins were trying to attack them, they swirled around them corralling them into a tight circle, and wouldnt let them move for about 1hr, they slapped their tails on the water and stayed with them creating a barrier between the shark and the swimmers, the shark apparently grew tired of this and left, and as soon as it did the dolphins!

This is a big deal because this means that the dolphins percieved a threat, and made a decision to put their own lives in jeopordy to save animals of another species! I really believe they have higher cognition, we just cant communicate with them (yet) so we have no way of knowing....

Another fascinating thing I learned during that program is that dolphins have signature calls for each individual (almost like a NAME!) when that signature call is played or vocalized by another dolphin, that dolphin comes in response!

I seriously think that evolution might have included humans evolving from sea creatures, and I bet dolphins were familiar with these ancestors , and know we could possibly be their descendants(i might be way off, but thats just my opinion!...but ive just always felt so at HOME in the ocean!)

....can you tell I love the ocean :)
When I was growing up in Cali, we used to go out and surf at 4:00am, we would sit out there and wait for a wave, I remember looking down and seeing dolphins swimming between me and small sharks until they would leave. Very cool!!
I love surfing...i dont think my life would be the same without it :)

and dolphins surf tooo!!! theyve been known to ride waves and play in them all over the world...have yet to have one surf next to me but hey, im putting the vibes out there next time i surf, law of attractoin style... and we shall see what happens!

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