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Jan 25, 2008
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Hello everyone,
I am going to be doing a workshop at a local store. Each person will be set up with the supplies at their own tables and I will walk them through making soem natural bath and body products. I found two recipes that I thought I might use, but wanted to know what your thoughts are on preservatives (if I need them) and shelf life I should tell them they have with their new products.

The first is a Milk and Honey bath---made with honey, oatmeal, cornmeal, EO and powdered milk.
The second is the same without honey.

Both are put into jars and then scooped out for the bath. So they do not come into contact with water until the bath.

Could use the advice, thanks!


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Dec 21, 2006
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The honey is going to make the milk, oats & corn meal wet. How long will wet milk last before it spoils? I think it would be about like setting a bowl of cooked oats out on the counter. Sounds like it would go bad right away to me & grow visible mold in a day or two. I wouldn't use it more than a few hours after I made it.

The dry one sound safe & like it as a long shelf life.

You can do a dry sugar & spice bath too w/ sugar, oats, powdered milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.

If you really want to do a honey bath try 1 part unscented liquid soap, 1 part honey & 1 part vegetable oil. It's easy to make & really nice on the skin. You can add an extract for scent, vanilla, rum, orange, etc.