Do you polish your bars? how do you polish them?

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Sep 17, 2007
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I have 3 kids... I soap from home, i also have a thriving waldorfy toy business of handmade toys. And a husband who does not help around the house...

I keep seeing gorgeous soaps out there... people who are "polishing" their soaps... should I be doing this? All I can picture is my nursling squirming all over my lap, while I have one kid next to me talking about math, the other on on my feet, wondering why ALL her clothes in her closet aren't pink, and trying to keep said nursling out of the box of soap next to me and keeping said nursling from running off and screaming as she drags away the nylons I am using to shine my soap....


pointers? ;)
I don't polish my bars either. Too much time. But to polish them, I do know you use alcohol and rub like crazy.
alright, good, I am glad I don't have to start shining my soap now ;)

though, a big batch of soap adn some alcohol... can I use margaritas? ;)
Ive seen one bar that was polished. I must admit it looked very nice and gave the bar a more "finished" or "polished" look.