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Mar 7, 2008
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What would be the best type of olive oil used for CP soapmaking? Most books (and soap suppliers) suggest we use pomace olive oil. For those that have used pomace, is it really better? Or maybe cheaper then extra virgin olive oil?

I have used extra virgin olive oil (from grocery store) for my 1st batch. I think it turned out fine, at first soft but harder with time. Next time around, I think I will try pomace and see if there are any differences.

There's even an online handmade soap seller that uses only extra virgin olive oil. The say it's better. They sell their 2.5 oz bar for $5. I think that's pricey! :eek:
I use the Bertolli Classico Olive Oil, always have. I really like it. I buy it in 3 litre jugs at Sams for @ $18-$20.
I feel the lighter the OO the better for soap.

Pomace is fine as long as it is not mixed with another oil.
I buy the Kirkland's Pure Olive oil 5 litre from Costco. It costs about
$26 - $28. I am very happy with it.

Lucy said:
Pomace is fine as long as it is not mixed with another oil.

Ask your supplies if the cut their Pomance with another oil. I find they always do but rarely mention it in the description.

Don't use Extra Virgin - wasting your money. Just regular Olive Oil is fine. If you want to end up with a lighter color soap, use an Olive Oil that's not too green looking.

I purchased Olive Oil Grade A from Soapers Choice - good price - and a very nice product.
Use caution when buying Pomace oil. It's the last bit of oil left in the olives after the all the other grades have been removed and often chemicals are used to extract it.

It also contains lots of unsaponifiables (bits of olive fiber) and can considerably speed up your trace time...especially if you're using palm oil as well.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will skip pomace for now and go with regular olive oil next time.

And the best thing with regular olive oil is that it's cheaper (than EVOO) and easier to find locally. :)

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