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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
I'm always looking for a nice cuticle & nail treatment. For this one, I used equal parts of:

Sweet Almond oil
Avocado oil
Olive oil - infused with lavender & calendula
Evening Primrose oil
Rosehip oil
Wheatgerm oil

I didn't use any EO / FO - I'm enjoying the really subtle scent that comes thru from the infused olive oil.

I've mixed all ingredients into an amber glass bottle, shake well, then left it for a couple of days.

To use, I've put some into a 15ml dripper bottle - like liquid colorants come in - so that I can just dab a drop onto the cuticle of each nail, then massage well.

Sounds lovely!
I've been making an all-purpose balm/salve, it's one of my best sellers.
Diaper rash balm, cuticles, dry skin, chapped cheeks, raw noses, minor scrapes and boo boos, and even lipbalm if it doesn't have FO in it!

Plus, with it being a solid instead of an oil, it holds up really well and travels/ships easily. Love it!
Well, I have completely stopped buying cuticle oil as I like to mix it myself and it’s so much cheaper. This means that I can choose whichever oils and essential oils I prefer. For me the best type of container is a lipgloss tube with a doe foot applicator, as this provides superior control over the amount of oil I use..
Cuticle oil is very costly and very hard to get from market also. I was ordered it from one supplier. I used it in fully two month but my personal view is olive oil is better than Cuticle oil, also you can get it easily from market.

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