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Oct 28, 2014
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I have some soap about a week old that passes the zap test fine. I am thinking of packaging a few small bars as gifts to friends at a bed and breakfast retreat we are going to. The bars are less than a half inch thick, two inches tall, and 2 and a half inch wide. Will their small size decrease cure time?
Short answer is no.

Longer answer is cure time is much more than just not having a zap anymore and water evaporation. Soaps should be cured for a minimum of 4-6 weeks depending on the recipe used. Longer if it has i higher % of Olive Oil. As I said its more than just about evaporating of the excess water. The curing process allows the bar to mature and become more mild which brings out the properties of the oils used. The lather becomes better and overall the soap is just better after a good cure.

My suggestion is try one of the bars now and then again in another week and just see the difference that 1 week makes. Patience is something that is needed with soap making. Even though you just wanna jump right in there as soon as you can to use the soap. Trust me waiting is worth it. A nicely cured soap is soooo much better and worth it than a fresh bar.

If you want to still give the soaps to your friends just let them know to wait a few more weeks before using them so they can have the cure that they need to become a great soap rather than just a good soap.

Happy soaping :D
If you used a lot of water, some size change is possible. I made a batch where I ended up with far too much water (an over-watered rebatch) that then did shrink as it cured. Other than that, as has been said, there shouldn't be a noticeable change in size.
Zap should be gone within 72 hours or sooner (depending on if it gelled or not or how it's made)
But as others have said, cure and zap and two completely different things, and not synonymous with each other.
IMO a bar of soap (HP or CP) is not cured for at least 3-4 weeks. Myself personally will not give/sell a bar less than 6-8 weeks, but that is just me, and I'm not a huge manufacturer or have wholesale accounts like some people that really, due to demand, have to sell sooner.
I think the OP would be telling them to wait, but wants them to still look presentable (ie the wrapping is not loose from the size change in the cure time) otherwise the point about it changing size would be irrelevant.

I didn't read anything about the bars changing size, just asking if the small size would decrease cure time.
It won't.
So how would you wrap these little pearls?

In some sort of breathable material, as to not to contribute to DOS.
Not saying you will get it, but wrapping fresh, uncured soap, is more prone to it due to the humidity the evaporating water that has nowhere to go inside a tightly wrapped package.