Crisco has changed from palm oil to soy

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Apr 15, 2008
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Hi, I'm new to this list but have been making soap for the family for several years. I use a basic white soap recipe which calls for palm oil and I've been using Crisco. But I just noticed that Crisco has changed the ingredients from a palm blend to all soy. I don't know what to do as its hard to find palm oil around here (Victoria BC area). Does anyone have any suggestions to offer?

Hey grace, welcome to the forum!!

you can actually use the updated crisco in a bar, paul includes it in his basic wal-mart recipe, which if you put into soapcalc will give you this:

(click to enlarge)

there is actually an option to use 'crisco' on the soapcalc program (not sure if it does on others as this is the main one i use)

I have heard people substituting the crisco for palm oil in soaps as you did, so I dont think theres much of a problem with it....has it been working for you??

Im not an expert, so if this doesnt help you Im sure one will pop in and help out better than I can! (still learning!!)...if they dont pop in though Id be happy to direct them towards your post :)

Hope that helped!

Why would you substitute crisco for palm oil?
I think it lathers better than Crisco and has no additives like Crisco. The place I get mine, it is cheaper than Crisco.
Is there another reason?

A lot of people are turning away from palm due to the harm its harvesting causes to orangutans. There is, however, sustainable palm, but I haven't checked that out.
Palm oil vs Crisco

I've been looking for palm oil and not able to find it locally. I would never have used Crisco at all if I'd been able to find any other source, I realize its hydrogenated and all that other icky stuff. But the soap does turn out nice.
Im with Ak on the orangs...feel bad for the lil buggers... wouldnt want my home taken away..weve taken over enough of the world already!
I did not realize that. I will have to check to see where mine comes from.

you might be suprised!! Thats why I like to research all the things I use daily to see what type of impact they pose on the global community, we are so removed from everything being citizens and such...kept ignorant by the people selling the stuff just so they can boost profits...

I have always tried to be well informed. I have an organic farm and have been all natural/ then organic since the early 80's with my children.
I am on an organic growers forum and have read books like " The Omnivores Dilema" explaining where our food comes from and the government and big agri-farm corruption of our food supply.
So the fact that I didn't know about the problem with Palm oil doesn't surprise me but concerns me. How much we really do not know!
Thanks, Marianne
Thanks for the information, Ian

I didn't know about the orangs either. Its always something, isn't it. I'll figure something out I guess.
I use tallow and lard. . . I did a lot of thinking about that at first, but decided that humans eat meat. . . that's NEVER going to change. When I go to the grocery store and see tallow in the meat department I know it's not there because they have a huge demand for it; in this country it's a bi-product. The butcher puts it out because someone is buying it--maybe not to eat, but for some reason. . . soapers, to feed birds. . . my grandmother uses it in REAL mincemeat pie; it get's them a couple extra dollars that would othersie get tossed out. It's a shame that "we" kill these beast JUST for the tenderloin. . . . I think it's a lot smarter to use something that is a bi-product than to have palm--sustainable or not--shipped in from Mylasia (or where ever). . . Just think about the cost of fuel to deliver it to your door--and the "carbon foot-print". . . . Just my $0.02.
crisco in the states is different then what you get in canada.

ours has always been soybean and cottonseed, a while back they came out with a green label and that contained (SOYBEAN OIL, SUNFLOWER OIL, FULLY HYDROGENATED PALM OIL, MONO- AND DIGLYCERIDES, TBHQ AND CITRIC ACID (ANTIOXIDANTS), but i haven't seen that one for a while.

now we have this; As of January 24, 2007, all Crisco shortening products have been reformulated to contain less than one gram of trans fat per serving. The separately marketed trans-fat free version introduced in 2004 (green label) was discontinued. [2] Crisco now consists of a blend of soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, and partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oils.
I think while that may provide them with some more well equipped relief , I dont think it would curb the deforestation that is taking away their habitat... I think thats the main issue, the jungles being cleared for oil palms (was just watching a show on the pigmy elephants of borneo and how the oil palms have encroached on their habitat as well...often killed or shot if they tresspass...)

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