Creamy/Emusified Sugar/Salt Body Scrubs Question

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Hi ya'll,

I'm by no means asking for the recipe that you use.

But instead my question is about the oils that are used in a cream/emulsified sugar/salt scrub.

I'm working on tweaking the "recipe" that I'm using right now into a better one. LOL (imagine that)

But I'm wondering about adding the butters to a sugar scrub. Does it really benefit the skin, or are you better off saving those more expensive butters for other products like lotions and creams.

Currently I'm using coconut oil, and either canola oil or olive oil for my creamy sugar scrub.

But I'm wondering what others use and think work the best for a body scrub.
I use Shea Butter in my scrub and I wouldnt have it any other way :).
I think it depends on your preferences.
I agree - I think it depends on your preference, and the price-point you can sell the item.

Personally, I think it adds a more luxurious quality to the sugar scrub than ones without the butter added. The product feels too raw without the butter.

I think there are benefits to the skin. In theory the butter should help bind some moisture into the for that benefit alone it's great....but the butter seems to "buffer" the abrasiveness of the sugar.

I've made these scrubs with some very exotic butters in the past. It didn't do anything other than allow me to make a big deal that I'm using Illipe and Macadamia Nut Butter in my sugar scrub!!! LOL I wouldn't invest my money in that again. Stick with the cheapest shea butter you can find, no one will tell the difference. Save those exotic butters for body creams, etc.

Hope that helps!