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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Piccys of the cream soaps that I made last weekend that have been 'rotting' in the spare room all week:

Cream soap made with a recipe from Snowdrift Farms.

150g of the above soap, diluted with 20g distilled water, & 5g Turkish Mocha FO added. DH has been bugging me to make bodywash, I'm hoping that he will like this.

Cream soap made with a recipe from Catherine Failors cream soap booklet. I'm trying to smooth out the last few lumps.

150g of the above cream soap, with 10g of ground walnut shell & 5g of White Ginger & Amber FO.

The recipe & technique from Snowdrift Farms was SOOO much easier than the one from Catherine Failors book, but I much prefer the texture of Failors recipe - very light & whipped cream-y. DH on the other hand prefers the texture of the Snowdrift Farms recipe.
Thank you so much for posting these pics. I am desperate for cream soap I've been fooling with the snowdrift recipe (decreasing the potash and increasing the lye) to try to make it thicker...

Where did you get the failor book on creamsoap? I've never heard of it. have it, about 1/2 way down the page.

The recipe's in her book are HP'd & have (to me) very high amounts of stearic acid in them. The Snowdrift Farms recipes are CP'd, & have lower amounts of stearic.

I have just now thinned out the soap I made from the book, 150g of soap with 50g of water, and am going to have a shower & try it out shortly.

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