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Dec 23, 2021
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I bring you greetings from Carolina Beach, NC where you can have 4 seasons within 24 hours lol! I'm interested in making cream soap. The book "Making Cream Soap" by Catherine Failor is $200+. Is there anyone who is interested in selling or sharing their book? I don't care if it's screen shots, photocopied, etc. I have dozens of books to share that are in ebook format. I haven't been able to find this book at a reasonable price. I want to learn to format cream soap recipes. I already do this for cold process and hot process. I know cream soap is a HPS version but I've grown confused in trying to determine the amounts/percentages for glycerin, stearic acid, etc. I want to know more about the "safe ranges" for stearic acid, KOH, etc. I believe I've joined every soap group on Facebook and folks will provide generic recipes but no one is explaining the safe ranges. I want to avoid creating recipes that are too drying. I need help! If anyone wants to tutor me then I'm open to that too.
Welcome to SMF, @senihhines !

Have you already searched this forum for cream soap recipes? There are a few threads here, with tried-and-tested instructions, and reports about issues, usage, and popularity.
Also, if you are unsure about the numbers in soap recipes (and just as well when you are sure, lol), everyone will strongly encourage you to consult any of the modern online soap calculators, who are easy to use, flexible, and are great to better understand recipes and differences between recipes.
Now you're ready to add your lye. I like to preheat the bell part of my stickblender before adding the lye because the stearic acid attaches itself to anything cold and solidifies.

Have your stickblender in the oils and just give a quick twirl to make sure your clay is mixed it. Now add your lyes slowly stickblending the whole time....



Because I used full water on this it didn't chunk up on me as soon as the lye hit. That doesn't mean it won't to you, it can be rather temperamental on you so if it does, no reason to panic.

Well we made this far and I'm hoping no injuries - oh yeah - hold on now people you did put on your safety gear right? Whew....

We're going to let this cook for about 1 1/2 hours with frequent checking. I use high on my crockpot. In an oven I'm going to recommend about 180* F for the cook.



I wasn’t entirely sure how to post this but this should help you. If you click on “Lindy said” at the top, it will bring you to the whole post. I’m not sure how others feel about this but I know I was pretty excited about making cream soap. Unfortunately, I ended up very disappointed. I don’t find it to be at all it’s cracked up to be.
I mentioned this in my other response to your other post, but I'll say it again in case you missed that one. A copy of Failor's book is listed on eBay for $160, with free shipping. On that same post, another member, @TheGecko offered to walk you through the process. I wasn't sure exactly why you were upset with her and am thinking that maybe you misread her tone or what she was trying to say. This is a very kind and helpful group here.

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