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I am doing a craft show in first. I am wondering exactly how much product I should take. It is over two days, from 8 a.m. to five pm.
both days.

I have 17 differents kinds of soap, body butters and bath salts.

I don't want to wind up with a lot of unsold product.....

Any recommendations?
it hard to pinpoint the right amount. me i take everything i have made up. :lol: in all the 20 some years i have done shows no two are the same and the same show can change from year to year.

craft shows can be such a hit and miss and depend on so many factors.

sorry that didn't help much now did it :?
I take all that I can stuff in my car & pull my seats all the way forward so I can fit more in the back!

A kind of rule of thumb for me is to take the cost of the show, multiple by 6 or 8 & take that much worth in product & expect to sell 1/2 of what I bring, but that way I am not picked over twords the end of the show..

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