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Aug 4, 2008
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Hey everyone I just wanted to bounce something off the wall before I have a disaster. I want to make GM soap and I've recently become rather fond of CPOP. Can I CPOP GM soap or is that not a good idea?
MikeinPdx introduced me to it, it's kind of a blend of CP and HP. You make your normal CP batch then throw it into the oven at between 170 and 180 for an hour or two. CPOP stands for cold process oven process. The soap is useable almost as soon as unmolded (you should still let it cure though, to get a nice hard bar of soap). Mike puts his in at 170 for an hour and then lets it sit overnight in the oven. I followed Mike's direction and loved it. Did a little more research and put it in for 2 hours at 180. As soon as it cooled I was able to unmold it and it made a GREAT bar.
You may have a disaster on your hands. Folks that can successfully CPOP milk soaps are truly blessed.... it's very hard to get right. Milk soaps like cooler temps, to avoid overheating. Honestly, every milk soap I ever made I had to put under the ceiling fan to blow-off the heat while it went through gel stage. If I didn't, it would over heat and make a mess. (I'm in FL, so milk soaps are a bit trickier with the heat and humidity that we have here).
I make only cold (usally frozen) milk soap, if I want it to stay white and everything else goes OHP into the oven.

I just use some kind of pot and no mold to be able to re-blend if I start losing the trace due to the heat-sugar combination.

Adding drairy products _after_ the oven also works fine (if you don't make the lye from fresh milk, that is.. :)

Especially everything alike creme fraiche, yoghurt, german quark (cream cheese), cream and all kinds of milk powders work well after the oven.

A goat's milk soap made of powder mixed with honey added _after_ the oven looks like this soap and added _before_ looks like this.

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