Corragated Cardboard Rolls?

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I followed the link that fladais posted, and from there followed the link to the corrogated paper at goplanetearth. The natural color is over $5 for 20 feet there. Depending on how much soap you need to wrap, if you're up for buying bulk at a good discount, try Their comparable product comes in a 250 foot roll for just over $5, only hitch is that you have to order 6 rolls. I've had excellent service from them on orders for other shipping products.

Here's the page:
i've purchased lots of stuff thru uline. never checked for corrugated wrapping tho.
Update: I ordered six 250' rolls and it came in less than 2 days. I was shocked and my poor DH walke in with this ginormus roll of cardboard... wondering what the heck did she order ***this time***???


Happy with the speedy service.