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May 4, 2008
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I've read around on websites that you can use Copha as a substiture for coconut oil.

I went to my supermarket and it says that it also contains lecithin.

Does anyone know what this is? Does it affect the soap?

Do you need to include this in your calculations?

Oh I'm using CP method.
I've actually used liquid soy lecithin from the healthfood store to some of my soaps as an experiment. I gave it a try after reading on another board of a soaper adding lecithin to every one of her batches. I didn't notice a huge difference in mine, but it did seem to add an extra smoothness to the soap and creaminess to the lather.

In any case, I don't think the lecithin will hurt.

I did not include the lecithin in my calculations, by the way.

Oh- and I added 1 tsp. ppo. :)

crazyk said:
...Dumb question but what is ppo ?...

per pound (of) oil

Those from down under use Copha like we would coconut oil, SAP number and all. The lecithin has no effect.
Yes- what Birdie said. :)

Example: If my batch contains 3 pounds of oils, then I'd add 3 tsp. of lecithin.

I forgot to mention that I've used an oil called Copra oil once before from my local Asian market. It was the same thing as coconut oil. I'm thinking that Copha is the same thing as Copra, too, just a different spelling. Anyway, it acted and lathered just the same as my regular coconut oil that I bought from from Walmart. I used the same SAP, and everything turned out great.

IrishLass :)

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