color? what the ..?

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Feb 6, 2008
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ok, this kinda looks like the liquid color I used, BUT I didnt use that much. I was looking for a pinky color, so I didnt use this much color, and I stick blended it in, I didnt see this pouring. but maybe it could be, but seriously I didnt use this much color. my first time with my wood mold too. crap

So it is supossed to be bubblegum. think it will still look ok? Im cutting it tomorrow or late tonight

side of loaf,
opps, lol. sorry here is the pic

the side

other side

i think itll look cool... shh tell everyone you meant to do that?? and if you look at a piece of bubblegum...some of them have small little flavor crystals in thats what the pink is ok!? ;)
That is the secret Ian, no one knows what you intended it to look like. They thikn you meant to do that!

Just like doing craft shows, I would get so upset because I didn't make so & so or fogot to bring a particular fragrance.... who will know? It's not like a stranger is going to walk up & say "I noticed you didn't bring your so & so... did you forget it at home?"
lol. ok, I meant to do it. :wink:

this soap reminded me about the pink spot post a week or so ago.
now thats the attitude :)

lol hey at least you know what THIS pink spot comes from...the other one was a alien or something lol