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Feb 19, 2017
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Gloucester UK
Cold process …..What temperature do you generally soap at? I’m struggling with speeding trace and I really want to do some really nice designs.. I have tried heat transfer method and soaping at room temp.. any advise would be welcomed 😁
I like to leave my lye sitting overnight to cool down. When I heat the hot oils the next door, adding the liquid oils seems to cool down the hot oils so the lye and oils are almost the same temperature. It works for me.
I use 60% hard oils/butters to 40% liquid oils: coconut, palm, cocoa and Shea , olive pomace and castor I master batch lye and oils then don’t reheat either one I don’t even stick blend think I’m going to try heating oils and see if this makes a difference
Pomace, palm and castor are all accelerators from what I hear. And with 60% hard oils you wouldn't want to soap to cool. Have you tried changing your water content?
38% water is what I’m currently using might try this at 30% as I know more water can sometimes increase trace speed
My recipes typically have 60-65% hard oils and I like to soap between 85F (lowest) and 95F. Depending on what I want to do, I will soap up to 110F for a simple swirl or one color soap.

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