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Apr 1, 2015
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Hi all. I'm sure this subject has probably been covered here, but I can't find it anywhere.
I have a few people telling me they are allergic to coconut oil. What would make a good replacement for it? I have read about Babassu oil but it is pretty expensive. Is there a more affordable option?
Thanks in advance.
Ditto the PKO. As Obsidian specified, don't confuse it with palm oil. If 'kernel' is not in the name, you will be disappointed with your lather.

IrishLass :)
what about babassu? You are allergic to coconut oil but it does not mean you are allergic to babbasu oil.
Babassu has two strikes against it, IMO. First, it costs more than PKO or CO (at least for me). Second, PKO has the lowest % of the short-chain fatty acids that can cause skin irritation, compared with CO and babassu. If you want a fat with high lauric and myristic acids, but as low as possible on the short-chain fatty acids and at the lowest cost, then PKO is probably your best bet.

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