Coconut cream discolouring, or DOS?

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Jun 20, 2015
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I made a batch of lemongrass/eucalyptus salt bars around a week ago. I've made this recipe plenty of times before, and this is the first time that this issue has occurred. I used just enough water to dissolve the lye, and the rest of the liquid was coconut cream added at trace. 33% salt, 33% lye concentration, 20% SF. 90% coconut, 10% castor.

When adding the coconut cream, the soap started to set up and I did have trouble thoroughly incorporating the cream. When the soap was cut, I could see patches which looked slightly different to the rest - almost translucent. But I figured since the soap was still super hot, it was because of that. I've just checked on the soaps now, and those patches that were almost translucent are now a peachy cream colour. I'll snap a photo and add to the next post.

What I'm wondering is, could these patches perhaps be where the coconut cream hasn't incorporated fully, and have discoloured (does coconut cream discolour? I haven't found that in my other batches, but I had time to really, thoroughly incorporate it in other batches) - or, are they the dreaded DOS? I haven't encountered DOS yet, so I'm truly hoping that isn't the case. My oils were all opened less than 2 weeks ago, no funny smells. The soap also smells the same as usual, no rancid smell or off smell.


Hopefully you can see the difference. These bars are from the same batches. Some of the darker patches have turned peachy orange, others haven't.
I don't know what that is you have there, but it doesn't look like DOS to me. I've had a batch get DOS once before and the spots were rounder and smaller.

Edit: After looking on Google, I guess DOS isn't always smaller, rounder spots. Although your soap still doesn't look like it has DOS to me. Here's a link to some pics of DOS on Google.
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I agree, it doesn't look like DOS at all. Not sure what it is but I would guess its something that didn't get mixed in thoroughly. When I use coconut cream, I blend it into the oils before adding the lye.
It doesn't look DOS-y to me either spenny. I think it's probably the coconut cream or your EOs that didn't get mixed in properly. I'd just use the bars with more orange first before they have a chance to get funky on you.
To my mind, if it doesn't smell funky, it's not DOS.
And the discoloring is really quite pretty.
Awesome - I was so worried it was DOS. My boyfriend said hey, that looks cool - how did you do that? And I was like NO IT'S NOT COOL, IT'S RUINED! But I'm glad it's hopefully not. I'll keep an eye on the bars over the next few weeks.

I tried mixing the coconut cream into the oils before adding the lye, but for some reason, it wouldn't play ball. I vaguely remember it just sinking to the bottom and not mixing in - so I found it easiest to add at trace along with my salt, both of which make me work extra hard and fast to get that batter in the mould before I have a pot full of solid soap! Hmm. Maybe I'll try the cream-in-oils again next time!

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