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Jul 8, 2015
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I'm so happy with these. :) I've been soaping now for about 6 months. Around 3 batches in I started to get real mad scientist-like and began trying 5 new ingredients as well as new design techniques and the results were, well, meh.

So I wrote down my plans for these bars and each one has a single interesting ingredient I wanted to try, I only focused on trying to texture the tops in a way I liked (except for the one simple two-color). I read up on and watched tutorials for each soap and I like the result! I don't think they are flashy, but I do think they are quality!

I'm holding off on making any new soaps for awhile, which is exciting because I can focus on the next soaps I want to try--learning to make milk soap, I believe. I'm learning to love the planning as much as the soaping itself. :)

Labeling and packaging will come first. But I think I have a clear, simple idea for that.

Just wanted to add, here they are from left to right/top to bottom: White Christmas FO/french green clay/nettle leaf powder; Grapefruit/black pepper EO/moroccan red clay; unscented pine tar; Sweet orange/Patchouli EO/tussah silk/poppy seed; Vanilla Fig FO/honey/colloidial oat


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I quite like the textured tops. They really complement the soap! I can never get mine to come out how I envision them.

I still get something a little different every loaf, but I feel like I'm getting better. It helped me a lot to watch a ton of you tube tutorials on texture techniques so I could move past just sort of messing up the top and crossing my fingers. :)

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