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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
I'm curious - How do you all go about choosing the scents you use in soap? Do you do it according to the smells of the season?

Say in winter - you only use things like ginger, pumpkin, etc. and then in the spring/summer you go towards the flowery smells?

I'm guessing most people don't want a gingerbread soap in the summer?
I chose scents that I personally like. Now I am going to break them up into seasonal batches. Yeah I am not gonna make Egg Nog scent in July!
Yea, that is how I do it Brian. :D I do have a few scents that are good year round sellers I keep in sock all the time. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey sells good all the time, as well as a few others. It just depends on the customer base, the area you live in, the economics even play a small role as to which scents work better for me. It just takes time to see what sells best in your area at what time of year. That is if you sell locally. I sell locally and online, so there is a bit of a difference. :)

Paul.... :) :wink:
I have my top year round scents then add more seasonally. Some scents I change the name of.

Candy Cane is a big seller in the winter but can become peppermint cream for the rest of the year.

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