Cat Hair, How To Keep Soap Hairless?

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Aug 2, 2019
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We have 3 dogs, one who leaves tumblefluffs everywhere, and me. I have a ton of heavy, coarse hair & my bum thyroid means I shed a lot. While soaping I have to tie it up in a kerchief because hair nets are a joke. I've found a solution for hair-free soap suring that appears to be working so far, and hopefully posting this doesn't jinx me!

I ordered two of these:
And a package of this:
And since my hobbies are random and neverending, I had most of a bolt of white cotton muslin from Joann's on hand.

I assembled the racks, stacked them, and laid the plastic out to keep the soap off the wood. I figure I'll have to rinse the plastic between batches, but whatever! Then I took an awl & poked little holes in the muslin roughly where they would need to be to fit the tiny pegs on top of the top rack. The fabric drapes down to the floor in the front & back, and I haven't decided whether to tack it shut at the sides yet. To access my soaps I just flip up the front side, do what I need to do, and lay it back down. The rack keeps everything at least a few inches off the floor, the muslin is light & airy, especially with the sides unbound, and nothing but a bit of plastic touches my soap. So far I haven't found a single hair on anything. *knock wood*