Cardamom, Cedar and Saffron + Lilac

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Dec 4, 2013
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Left: Recipe with palm, olive, and coconut plus powdered goat milk and tussah silk. Fragrance is 80% BB Cedar & Saffron FO and 20% Cardamom EO (a gift for my birthday, too precious little to use alone!). Midnight blue mica for the contrast color, but the cider-brown is the natural color of the discolored batter.

Right: Recipe with olive, palm, lard, coconut, hemp, and almond oil plus tussah silk. Fragrance is Lilac FO from a local shop. Color is bright purple mica plus some black poppy seeds, against the natural batter color. (It was greenish-grey for a while because of the hemp; praise Odin it cured lighter.)

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